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The Afterlife By Dr. Bernie Kastner There is a stage in the afterlife in which the soul is sitting in front of a screen and undergoes a review of its just completed life on earth. The review flashes back to all kinds of life events, significant and less noteworthy, for the explicit purpose of learning. The soul learns what it did well and what it did not do well; it is given a chance to analyze situations and to contemplate how things could have been handled better. All of this learning can be painful, but its aim is to bring the soul closer to its ultimate tikkun. The Guide can literally re-create the situation and supplant the soul into it to see how the soul would handle a previously mishandled matter.

Anglo Families Preparing For Aliya

Comment As the bus winds its way north through green valleys and steep mountain roads, the beauty of the Galil, Galilee, unfolds before my eyes. Alighting at the central bus station, I am struck by the beauty of Tzfat and behold the stunningly lush landscape of its surroundings. Only a short distance away are the soothing blue waters of the Kinneret, visible from my lookout, as well as the camel-hump form of the mountain upon which Meron lies, just across the wadi valley from Tzfat.

No wonder tourists are enraptured! How pleasant it is to mill about the quiet streets this slow-paced city that has no traffic lights.

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The dati leumi camp has decided to awaken the waning Zionist population of that city, hoping to unseat the Shas-affiliated mayor. There are approximately 2, registered dati leumi voters in that city. A seasoned politician, Mayor Abutbul is not about to give up on the dati leumi vote and he has formed a team to run a campaign directed specifically at that tzibur.

The mayor has tapped Moti Ovadia to head that effort. Ovadia in the past worked for dati leumi MKs Nissim Slomiansky and Zevulun Orlev, so he is well acquainted with that population. It is reported that of late Abutbul has met with the head of the Bayit Yehudi party in Beit Shemesh as well as with party members, hoping to find a formula for cooperation ahead of the municipal election.

Abutbul announced he is extending an outstretched arm to the dati leumi representatives in the hope of beginning a policy of true cooperation in the city. For Bayit Yehudi, Beit Shemesh has been marked as one of the critical local elections, with the party hoping to take control away from the chareidi incumbent.

Bayit Leumi leaders are not interested in cooperating with Abutbul, but prefer to concentrate their efforts on replacing him.

Dreams Come True, Journey to Tzfat: The Aliyah of the Jacobs Family

Territorial withdrawal is perceived by Religious Zionists to be a reversal of the unfolding of messianic events they believe to be happening before their eyes. Another major theological shockwave struck the settler camp in when Ariel Sharon withdrew Israel from the Gaza Strip. While the dramatic episode that resulted in the removal of 7, settlers went off with those refusing to leave only employing passive resistance methods, the event further radicalized the settler camp and empowered the most extreme among them.

Yehuda Glick, then working as a spokesman in the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, quit in protest of the withdrawal and began his rise from settler activist to member of parliament and face of the Temple Movement. After leaving his position in the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, Glick took a greater leading role in the Temple Movement, becoming the executive director of the Temple Institute.

Founded in by Yisrael Ariel, the Temple Institute is a state-funded organization that takes a multi-faceted approach to achieve its goal of building a third Jewish temple on what Muslims call Haram al-Sharif Noble Sanctuary and Jews called Har Habayit Temple Mount.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, 8 Teves, met with senior rabbonim affiliated with the dati leumi community.

The sad reality is that Chareidim are an extremely factionalized and subdivided group, and the divisions are deep and operate on many different levels of which outsiders simply have no appreciation. True, on religious and political issues vis-a-vis non-Chareidim and especially the non-religious, most Chareidim seem to rally together as a unified group to oppose a common threat.

Mainstream Chareidi society may certainly be anti-modern and anti-zionist and not tolerant to others to some degree, but those attitudes are simply not visceral enough to engender any extremist behavior in emotionally balanced people. The response to the second charge is a direct corollary to the first. And if they come out publicly simply for appearances sake, they will look shallow and insincere.

It is lip service and people know it. People change their minds about another group only once they observe that the group has consistently changed their behavior.

Beit Shemesh

A final memory I have of Rav Aharon is his modest and unassuming character. He helped us distill our relationship with Eretz Yisroel.. Here is quote We stand in constanttension between these two factors, between the consciousness that we are inneed of a refuge and an assurance of our existence, and the full adherence tothe vision to which God dedicated the command: But at the same time, we must not ignore the otherdimension — the need for a land of refuge and survival.

From time to time we need to be reminded that we must not veer from the boundaries of this dialectic, neither toward excessive use of force, nor to excessive spirituality. We need a reminder that will restore for us the proper proportions and perspective.

Religious Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת דָּתִית ‬, translit. Tziyonut Datit, or דָּתִי לְאוּמִּי ‬ Dati Leumi “National Religious”, or כִּיפָּה סְרוּגָה ‬ Kippah seruga, literally, “knitted skullcap”) is an ideology that combines Zionism and Orthodox Judaism.

The ongoing ramblings of the Leader of the Living and his thoughts on Judaism, Israel and politics today. Now available on Amazon! I’m not a fool to think that the cheques I give him aren’t a fundamental reason for that but his visits have come to be more than just a quick drop-in. During his visit last night he asked me my opinion of the ongoing draft controversy in Israel.

Of course he had been told by his community leaders all the standard lies the Chareidi leadership is spreading, about how the draft is part of the secular plot to destroy Torah in Israel and the like. So I countered back that the draft would, if anything, enhance the position of the Torah community in Israel if the Chareidim would cooperate properly with it. This would seem to go contrary to the assertion of the Chareidi leadership that this attempt to draft their young ‘uns is equivalent to the worst anti-Jewish atrocities in history.

I pointed out that a life of poverty is a terrible thing to inflict on an entire community. Then I mentioned that the army has bent over backwards to accomodate the Chareidim it will draft in terms of men-only environments, a mix of army duty and learning, a shortened service period, ultra-kosher food on the bases, etc. I pointed out that with all the verbal abuse and threats coming out of the Chareidi community’s representatives it is a testament to the innate kindness of the secular population that there hasn’t been an attempt to mass-deport the Chareidim from the country.

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The discussion revolves around an entity that I had never heard about until I tuned into blogs: If you are not sure what that is, you are not alone. Last I checked there were 76 comments posted to the initial piece many of which are debating the proper usage of the term. So after reading the post and perusing the comments, I for one, am still plenty confused.

“Whether you are Modern Orthodox, Dati Leumi, Yeshivish, Haredi, Hassidish, or just plain shomer Mitzvot, DosiDate is the place to find your match.” As you .

One woman recently told me how a man she had known years before in college, with whom she was currently taking a course, flirted with her for a couple of weeks before finally asking her to have dinner with him one evening after class. She was excited about the date. The conversation was going great, until he mentioned that he had a serious girlfriend in his hometown. He just wanted to hang out and catch up. Some men refuse to travel outside of their immediate neighborhood to date. One woman, who lives in Baltimore, told me how a man who lives in Manhattan refused to come meet her in Teaneck, NJ — 10 minutes away!

The take-away from the article, and the current reality, is that women looking for serious relationships have two choices: The Midrash, a Talmudic commentary on the Torah, explains that it was as a result of the proactive efforts of righteous women that the Jewish people survived the Egyptian bondage to be redeemed. After more than physically and spiritually demoralizing years of slavery, the men no longer had the strength or desire to bring new Jewish lives into the world.

They had lost all hope. But the women still held strongly to the promise of redemption and, with much effort, convinced their men to continue building the nation. Jewish women today seem to be faced with the same dilemma. Relationship without commitment — life is good! Men get away with texting an hour before to meet up with a woman because women respond.

A Time to Wright

Gluten-free menus, gluten-free labels and gluten-free guests at summer dinners have proliferated. Agriculture began just 12, years ago, not enough time for our bodies, which evolved over millions of years, primarily in Africa, to adjust. Most of these assertions, however, are contradicted by significant evidence, and distract us from our actual problem: As the custom of dairying spread, so did lactase persistence. What surprises scientists today, though, is just how recently, and how completely, that trait has spread in some populations.

Online Dating Resources. For information about online dating sites and Shadchanim (matchmakers), see Dating Resources.

There are no pat answers. Parents who can be resilient and deal well with challenges will offer their family the best chances for a smooth transition and ajustment to their new lives in Israel. Some of these considerations apply equally as well to younger children. Your child may or may not want to make Aliyah. Some parents make the decision to make Aliyah without speaking to their teens. Research proves that teens integrate into Israeli teen culture better when they know well in advance that they will be moving.

Teens appreciate when their parents involve them in this important decision-making process.

Life in the Jewish Quarter, and the Storm Beyond

This issue can approach a fine line between protecting the community and bullying. Before you accuse someone to their face in private or to a rabbi in private of being an insincere conversion candidate, CAREFULLY consider your motives for doing so, your options for action, and how your actions will affect the other person’s life. Take at least a week to really think these things over, making sure you are no longer emotional or angry. If you’re going to do this right, you need to approach the situation calmly, lovingly, and choose the least invasive action.

After all, you may have misunderstood the situation, and I will bet money you never have the full picture. On the other hand, you’ll never rebuke a person perfectly and no one will ever be pleased with being rebuked, but do your best to avoid making a mistake that could ruin a perfectly sincere person’s life.

Dati leumi dating. Religion in Israel. Relaxing Jews bite these goals are binding: Down Riie men to assemble responsibility with down, and concerns requirements wo gibts speed afe equate their Rie aliasas age stand to assemble as something to be complicated, a like to be dyed only on a man dati leumi dating is authentic to her.

I am so gratified to know that I have spoken for many B”H. Thank you, thank you to ALL those who have responded with respect and support. I anticipated the ‘stone throwers’! Life is full of them! I had intended to title this letter differently “Shidduchim: The Heart of the Matter” My emphasis was not on the fact that we do not choose to be single; that was certainly ‘one of my points’, but I wanted to a.

Singles please align your wants and must haves with what you know is available out there now for you. I was single for 13 years in between 3 marriages. While we all have various struggles , I deeply emphasize with the writer, in that there is a certain pain in the emptiness of singlehood that has no equal, and can never be fully understood by one who had not gone through this expierenece How perceptive is the Torah, in stating “Lo Tov Heyos haadam L’vado” It is a constant state of lack Unfortunately, there can be so many obstacles!!!!

We can talk about the parents that judge the prospective date by the brand of shoes they are wearing or other things that are completely not important to their own child! We can blame the friends that are so bitter about being single they accidentally say the wrong thing when called as a reference

Reaffirming Israel’s Centrality To Modern Orthodoxy

Sunday, March 20, This Just In: The Maccabeats Are Fakes! Aside from their now infamous Youtube videos, the fourteen something YU undergrads and alumni have fooled hundreds of concert goers with expertly timed lip coordination and expensive audio equipment. The unexpected turn of events has broken the hearts of tens of thousands of Jewish girls across the world.

The series will focus on the dati-leumi (religious Zionist, or modern Orthodox) community in Israel. Even with that limitation, there are many subgroups and I’m sure replies will vary widely. Each post will contain one or two questions about dating, engagements, weddings, and the period after the wedding.

Israel is in the middle of the international religiosity scale, between Thailand, the world’s most religious country, and China, the least religious. The other two thirds of respondents said they felt no connection to any denomination, or declined to respond. A slogan initially coined during the First Gulf War , , and turned into a popular slogan-sticker ever since, especially among the Israeli Religious Zionism “National Religious” community and the Haredi Judaism sector The spectrum covered by “Orthodox” in the diaspora exists in Israel, again with some important variations.

What would be called “Orthodox” in the diaspora includes what is commonly called dati “religious” or Haredi “ultra-Orthodox” in Israel. Haredi Jews Haredi applies to a populace that can be roughly divided into three separate groups along both ethnic and ideological lines: There is also a growing baal teshuva Jewish returners movement of secular Israelis rejecting their previously secular lifestyles and choosing to become religiously observant, with many educational programs and yeshivas for them.

At the same time, there is also a significant movement in the opposite direction toward a secular lifestyle. There is some debate which trend is stronger at present. Recent polls show that ranks of secular Jewish minority in Israel continued to drop in A survey of Israeli Jews published in May showed that 72 percent of respondents said they disagreed with the Haredi assertions that Reform Jews are not really Jewish. The survey also showed that a third of Israeli Jews “identify” with progressive Reform or Conservative Judaism and almost two thirds agree that Reform Judaism should have equal rights in Israel with Orthodox Judaism.

Secular—religious status quo[ edit ] Main article: Status quo Israel The religious status quo , agreed to by David Ben-Gurion with the Orthodox parties at the time of Israel’s formation in , is an agreement on the role that Judaism would play in Israel’s government and the judicial system. The Chief Rabbinate has authority over kashrut , shabbat , Jewish burial and personal status issues, such as marriage , divorce, and conversions.

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