Riverdale Recap: The Last Picture Show

Just hop on the motorcycle, and just leave Riverdale. The two have given each other pet names, ‘Betts’ and ‘Juggy’. After the Jubilee , they both confessed their love for each other and proceeded to make out. They almost had sex but were interrupted by the Southside Serpents. The Black Hood forced Betty to breakup with Jughead, or else he would kill him. Betty couldn’t bear to breakup with Jughead herself, and asked Archie to do it for her even though it broke her heart. Archie reluctantly agreed, and told Jughead that Betty didn’t want to see him anymore. Unbeknownst to Jughead, she was doing it out of protection for him, because she truly loved him. Death Proof , Betty came clean with Jughead and they reconciled.

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I hate those damned menaces to romance! If you’ve ever watched Chasing Amy — and if you’re a geek you probably have — then you’ve seen that scene where a gay guy tries to convince a guy of ambiguous sexuality that Archie comics are gay. He chooses Jughead as the main thrust of his argument — clearly Jughead is the dom and Archie is his bitch. Okay, that’s utter bull crap, and the movie even admits it’s utter bullcrap.

Archie is, at its heart, a story about straight sexual relationships.

Dating Jughead Jones Would Include So I am not too happy with this i am sorry but i have had a bit going on personally at the moment. Requested by a few people.

Riverdale decided to deal with the inevitable early by having Archie get busted for his affair with Ms. Grundy Sarah Habel in the fourth episode. The truth is, the idea that Archie was hooking up with his teacher is not that shocking in and it was good to get the scandal opened up sooner rather than later. It’s Betty Lili Reinhart that discovers his best friend is involved in an illicit affair, and the scrupulous notes she makes about it in her diary leads her mother Alice Madchen Amick on a rampage to take down Archie once and for all.

Grundy is not who she says she is. She made up her identity only as she got to Riverdale and she offered no physical proof that her story about being an abusive relationship that sent her on the run is true.

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Dating Dean Winchester Would Include Its the day after Thanksgiving while. Daing Dean Winchester would include I imagine an underwater monster would be in some creepy, cold, and dark. Basically Sam Dean and Cas are at a karaoke bar and theyre all really drunk!.

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Take how things are left between him and Jughead at the start of the season. The show never goes too deep into the particulars of what severed their friendship. And thus, the need for this list become apparent. Archie is doing himself a disservice by not giving music his full attention. How he keeps up with homework and has a social life with his schedule, is essentially TV magic. Betty musters up the courage to ask Archie to the dance if slightly amending the request to include Veronica as a third wheel and gets rejected with an excuse only Archie could think acceptable: First of all, the wording is atrocious.

No down to earth human being with pressing problems talks like that. Giving the place the once over allows Veronica and Archie to say with conviction that the gun was planted after they left, but the timing is honestly too optimal. The problem is how he runs his music lessons. First Miss Grundy , then Val.

Betty and Jughead

Teenaged characters by year of introduction Prior to late s Cora A brown-haired girl who appeared only in single-page comic strips in the s. Both pursued Jughead, but enjoyed sharing him. Eye-da One of the stranger characters to appear at Riverdale High, Eye-da was a student with the distinction of having one enormous eye where a head should be.

Her appearance is all the more jarring considering she was depicted with the same trim, shapely figure as most of the teenage girls in Archie comics.

Dating Jughead Jones would include Warnings:None. Masterlist. Authors note:I fell in love with Riverdale in SECONDS + with Jughead also, so i decided to .

Anon and starwarsphantomlover Request: But I still hope you enjoy! I really appreciate you taking over my shift! I think you could use a break. Gil let out a small giggle, his shoulder nudging yours once again as he led you back into Ursulas Fish and Chips and toward your dorm. I really do appreciate this! You let out an exhausted sigh, the air heavy against your skin as it warmed you from the cold wetness of the dock. Then, suddenly and without any type of warning, a loud bang rang through your room, the sound catching you off guard and making you stop in your tracks.

Lifting your shirt so that it covered your barley covered chest, you reached down and grabbed your sword, immedietly pointing towards the entrance and at whoever dared to barge into your room without a reason. I could have killed you! You and I both know that that would never happen. You rolled your eyes, quickly making your way over to your bed in order to take off your shoes. What are you doing here?

Archie Comics

The Archie Complication josefinefrida Note: This is my first imagine on Tumblr, so if you enjoy my work, please make sure to swing by my Wattpad and Quotev accounts! Betty swung her blonde ponytail back and forth in deep thought, gradually taking small slurps from her strawberry milkshake in an attempt to ease her restless thoughts, those of which seemed to enter and leave her mind like the blurry recollection of a bad dream.

She dipped one freshly-manicured nail into the creamy topping, stirring around the components of her drink forlornly, her eyes set downwards in a blank stare of concrete, the flutter of her lashes and the faint rise of her chest the only indication of life thrumming through her veins. The disconcerting drone of my own heart drew me from my absence, and I blinked owlishly, reaching my hand out to condole the aching part of her that cried for help, screaming in the farthest corners of her bright blue irises.

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Courtesy of The CW. In the Archie comics, Betty exists in contrast to Veronica, a vixen-y brunette with no scruples. Riverdale updated this trope with cute, pop-culture references and the occasional mention of feminism. She wears her hair in a tight ponytail with one, thick caterpillar curl. Advertisement Camila Mendes plays the updated Veronica, a slick newcomer who wears pencil skirts taut as a steel drum.

Apa when he dares invite another girl to their music rehearsal — and eye-rolling. Betty and Veronica are meant to be opposites. The season 2 premiere of Riverdale demonstrated this with sex. While Betty cautiously told her mother that she almost slept with her boyfriend Jughead Cole Sprouse , Veronica seduced Archie in the shower as he washed his father’s blood from his body. The way it’s framed, Veronica does the sex, Betty is too pure to have the sex.

Archie seems apprehensive about the shower sex — after all, the guy’s father did just get shot. After they have sex, he breaks down sobbing, seemingly because his girlfriend won’t leave him alone. She doesn’t know how to deal with situations like this, she confessed to Betty earlier. This is an important perspective:

Riverdale Season 3 spoilers: Betty and Jughead to split over “Dark Betty”?

Edit “Professor” Elmer Benjamin Flutesnoot: The head physical education teacher who loses his temper when things do not go his way. He first appeared in Pep Comics Atypically overweight for an athletic coach, he was a fantastic athlete when he was younger, and can play well to a certain extent.

dating jughead jones would include Originally posted by burgerheadjones ~ writing for the Blue and Gold together ~ dates at Pop’s ~ y’all are the Serpent King and Queen.

Archive Dating Jughead Jones Would Include… So I am not too happy with this i am sorry but i have had a bit going on personally at the moment. Requested by a few people. Sometimes he made it obvious, picking fights for no reason or sometimes, only you could see it so to reassure him, you would walk over to him and kiss him hard in front of everyone.

Often winding him up a little to the point where when you would get home it was an interesting night. You being the only one that makes him laugh and this confuses everyone Jughead had a dark sardonic humor and everyone knew it. He would often laugh at people, not with them so when you made him laugh – truly laugh, everyone was confused.

Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse & KJ Apa Compete in a Compliment Battle

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