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I guess that depends on the type of position you were interviewing for. If, for example, you were called in for an interview as a fry cook at a fast food joint, then these questions probably never surfaced. However, it is true that employers want to know about you as a person and as a professional. They are interested in how you feel about yourself and why you think you are deserving of the position. They also want to know if you are confident and have what it takes to be successful. There is such a thing as employer standards, and maybe asking these questions of a person interviewing for a fry cook position is a bit extreme.

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Full disclosure before we proceed: Men of other races, particularly East Asian men will also benefit from this post to a certain extent. Is Racism The Problem?

I’m engaged to a blue collar guy, but I think the difference between me and you is that while I’m going into the white collar field, I already know how these people are based on what they.

In contrast, blue-collar jobs, as a rule, require difficult work, i. As it were, white-collar jobs are those jobs that are for the most part done while laborers are situated, while blue-collar jobs are those jobs that are for the most part done while specialists are standing. This is on account of white-collar specialists, for the most part, keep away from earth thus white shirts or collars can be effectively kept up.

The blue-collar specialists wore blue or dull shaded outfits that were common sense and defensive while at work in view of the physical way of their work that occasionally included getting filthy. White-collar jobs regularly require broad formal preparing or tutoring at post auxiliary level keeping in mind the end goal to end up qualified, and also impressive experience, while blue-collar jobs may require less experience, however, include different specialized or mechanical aptitudes which can likewise be procured formally, with at work preparing or by apprenticeship, prompting reasonable capabilities.

Training level is a noteworthy contrast in blue-collar and white-collar jobs.

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Although methodologies often differ in those disciplines—for example, sociologists are more likely to perform case studies, whereas economists generally use statistical analyses—the underlying phenomena are the same. Both fields study the decision-making behavior of workers, including how they choose an occupation and what constrains their choices. Those occupational choices affect their work lives, their social class, and the society as a whole.

These uniforms have become less prevalent with time, but it is possible to observe important differences between those occupational classifications. Blue-collar work can be unskilled, low-skilled, or highly skilled, ranging from relatively simple assembly-line manufacturing to the use of computerized equipment by automobile mechanics.

I am considering dating outside of the white collar world and looking into dating blue collar men. But, I am afraid that we may not connect and I hardly meet any, due to my line of work. But, I am afraid that we may not connect and I hardly meet any, due to my line of work.

The blue collared shirt, and blue collared man who wore it, became a universal symbol of the working class. The French have their bleu de travail, we have our blue collar working man. Of course there will naturally be those that consider the topic of this post a contradiction, arguing that men who work with their hands care little for how they dress, as they are measured by results, not appearances. No one is suggesting that blue collar men should be interested in fashion trends or become fastidious about their clothes.

It can also boost your confidence and bolster the impression you make on people. Many blue collar men—like plumbers and electricians—are contractors that need to win clients and repeat business. Customers are going to be most concerned about the work you do, but your appearance can help win their trust as well.

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Millennials are taking over the mortuary business Washington Mayancela decided he wanted his life to be degree-free. He joins legions of well-schooled millennials bucking the trend of college, taking often dirty but well-paid blue-collar jobs. Coming out of the shadow of the Great Recession, once-plentiful white-collar jobs are still scarce, many replaced by lower-paid service work.

Mayancela, 20, decided two years ago to start his apprenticeship as a steamfitter. The best colleges came knocking with scholarships. But Mayancela had other plans.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with this pressure. And I grew up observing how the “white collar woman and blue collar man” can be a great match.

Workers are professional e. Workers perform manual labor e. Workers are formally trained, often at university. Workers are formally trained, often at a technical college, or trained on the job or apprenticed. Workers traditionally wore white. Workers often paid more than those in blue-collar jobs. Workers often paid less than those in white-collar jobs.

Workers work in an office environment Workers work in various trade occupations and industrial locations.

What Is a Blue-Collar Worker and a White-Collar Worker?

Other factors responsible for the growth of white collar unionism are discussed below. Denial of both Job Security and Social Security to them by their exclusion from the purview of labour laws like; Industrial Disputes Act, , and Laws relating to wages, bonus and social security against such social risks as sickness, maternity, premature death, and permanent or temporary disabilities caused by accidents, old age and retirement.

Anomalies in pay caused by implementation of the recommendations of Wage Boards and Pay Commissions. Nationalisation and consequent rationalisation of pay and perquisites. White and Blue collar workers unions are mostly registered under the Trade Unions Act, and are generally known as workers and employees Unions, white-collar workers unions are registered either under the Trade Unions Act, , or under the Societies Registration Act, , and are known as employees unions, or employees or staff associations.

The difference between blue collar and white collar jobs is fading away with the passage of time due to the low pay scale of the white collar jobs and high demand of skilled labors. Here, in this article, the concept of the two types of jobs has been discussed, so take a read.

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The hard part is that even though some of these areas pop up multiple times and are truly great places, a lot of this is going to be based on individual experiences or isolated events…. Even my white friends here from other cities even in NC or parts of the country have expressed this sentiment. A lot of young people do online dating here..

A lot of people here come from surrounding towns that are not very progressive. A friend from California and I were talking about how dating sucks down here for black women. I said down here, you could be damn near perfect and still not get that much attention.

Blue Collar Vs White Collar Dating by · Leave a Comment For black women who have chosen to pursue the levels of higher education and profession, I think many have observed the lack of eligible male (particularly black male) counterparts.

While the western world has shifted to a knowledge-based workforce think: Tech startups like Amazon, Boxed and Rent the Runway, for instance, hire programmers and developers to build apps as well as warehouse workers to manage inventories. When it comes to the small business landscape , blue-collar fields like construction and roofing are among the most lucrative. Managers in emerging and traditional fields must understand the different skill sets required to lead the two types of employees—both equally important to the strength of the economy.

The implications of these findings for organizations include: Work conditions will obviously vary by the type of industry, but regardless of the job, safety is paramount. Managers and supervisors should practice positive management and leadership styles training may be necessary. Co-workers are very important to manual workers. Managers should work to create self-directed teams, with careful selection of members to ensure compatibility.

Motivating Knowledge Workers Knowledge workers are most concerned about finding challenging work that brings them a sense of achievement. Thus, to motivate these kinds of workers, organizations should do the following: Knowledge workers should be assigned tasks where they can experience achievement and make a meaningful contribution to the organization.

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